Amber Escobar



FUTUREBOSS Award Ceremony 2014Amber Escobar, High Tech High School

Amber Escobar was born and raised in Mexico until the age of eight.  It was then when her mother, along with Amber’st two older brothers, and father, made the move to the United States.  It was here, in the states, where Amber flourished her love for education.  During her time in high school, Amber made it her goal to join outside school clubs.  Hence, leading her to programs such as Barrio Logan College Institute, the Young Woman’s Leadership Program, Miracle League, the Center, and the FUTUREBOSS Competition.  In each one of these extra-curricula activities Amber states she has learned “many disciplines”.  In FUTUREBOSS, Amber states she “learned the discipline of being a successful entrepreneur.”

Amber’s business plan, Charley’s Playhouse, has a mission to provide a safe, nurturing environment for promoting the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and creative development of young special needs children.  Charley’s Playhouse goal is to provide a place where children are accepted for the individuals the are.  Participants are challenged in their inclusive environment, acceding to their respective abilities.  Ultimately, Amber’s business is a socially conscious and profitable company that strives to raise awareness, educate, embrace, empower and love.


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2nd place Silvia Solorio, Sweetwater High


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