This program teaches students to develop ethical business values while providing a channel to help entrepreneurs start a business.


The FUTUREBOSS program focuses on two critical components – leadership and entrepreneurship training. During the leadership development portion of the training, students must assess and evaluate their level of commitment, discipline and personal values in relation to achieving a healthy balance in life and business. Finalists attend university classes and are taught entrepreneurial skills by professional faculty.  As students go through the academic components, they develop a viable business idea and business plan which is presented to a panel of judges.  Winning students are awarded a scholarship and prizes.

Program Video  

Program Includes

  • University entrepreneurship setting and classroom lessons
  • Understanding leadership roles
  • Professional networking
  • Business plan development
  • Making public presentations
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Prize Awards
  • Winning School Trophy!

Open to County High School Seniors

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools