Futureboss is a free project based student entrepreneurial training and business plan competition.  This program teaches students to develop ethical business values while providing a channel to help entrepreneurs start a business.



This innovative curriculum focuses on two critical components – leadership and entrepreneurship training. During the leadership development portion of the training, students must assess and evaluate their level of commitment, discipline and personal values in relation to achieving a healthy balance in life and business. As students go through the academic components, they develop a viable business idea and business plan which is presented to a panel of judges.  Winning students are awarded an educational grant and prizes.



  • Diana Bice
  • Tania Fuerte
  • Ana Vidales-Castro
  • Amber Escobar
  • Jocelyne Rodriguez
  • Steven Canales
  • Silvia Solorio
  • Daxx Leon
  • Gerardo Marquillo
  • Eric Aguilar
  • Hanna Tolfo
  • Lumy Amador
  • Xenya Suarez
  • Guadalupe Magallanes
  • Tanya Suarez
  • Miguel Mercado
  • Steve Vargas
  • Jacob Santo Domingo
  • Kane Gillego
  • An Nguyen
  • Cathy Joy
  • Sonia Ricca
  • Jaylon Davis
  • Ashley Hernandez
  • India Subers
  • Ezequiel Moreno-Leon
  • Jose Chavez
  • Jose Lopez
  • Karen Rodriguez
  • Kimberly Beltran

  • Ana Carolina Castillo
  • Armando Oros
  • Dante Flores
  • Elvin Gonzalez
  • Erica Ortiz
  • Esmeralda Fernandez
  • Gerry Carrillo
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • James Zarate
  • Javier Garcia
  • Jeremy Manabat
  • Jessica Funkhouser
  • Jesus Osuna
  • John Lopez
  • John Lee Duke
  • Karina Contreras
  • Karina Delgado
  • Leo Lubiano
  • Marco Rivera
  • Maria Fortanel
  • Martha Martinez
  • Raymond Castillo
  • Romeo Kpolu
  • Rosa Sanchez
  • Ruby Estrada-Sanchez
  • Thomas Wilkins
  • Victoria Childers
  • Yarlyn Pacheco
  • Yesenia Lopez
  • Zen Diego

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