The FUTUREBOSS program targets mainly high school seniors in lower income areas, who are identified as promising young entrepreneurs. The program constantly reinforces a proactive attitude and encourages student leaders to seek beneficial opportunities to further their community's success. This FUTUREBOSS mini-course in entrepreneurship includes exceptional business, management, interpersonal development and financial literacy lessons.  Students learn, at a university level, how to create and present a socially responsible business plan to a panel of judges consisting of local executives and funders.  Your support provides access for students to participate in this social venture competition that creates caring leaders.

The Project FAQs

In California, nearly 60,000 at-risk-teens will drop out and never attend college. High school dropouts cost an estimated $46 billion annually.  Our teen entrepreneurs are solving critical social problems.

  1. Are my donations tax deductible? Yes
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  3. Do my donations help under-served communities? Yes
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FUTUREBOSS is an entrepreneurship linked learning and college prep empowerment program of the California Foundation Fund.
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